Uluntu Africa was originally established during June 2007, as a Corporation that specializes in Municipal Valuations and Auctions. Due to the increase in the demand op property valuations and the introduction of the Capital Gains Tax System, it was decided to establish a corporation, which specializes in the valuation of all types op property to meet the demand. During 2015 the name of the company was changed to Nivel Asset Solutions Pty Ltd.


Nivel Assest Solutions is a company that offers services of valuations, auctioneering and property sales, all of which use extensive knowledge and experience in asset optimization, taking care throughout the process to ensure a valid conclusion. Nivel Asset Solutions head office is situated in Bloemfontein, but we have agents / Satelite offices in the Northern Cape, North West, Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Western Cape, Eastern Cape. Our services include the sale of fixed and movable assets by public Auction, Valuations of all property types and sales of various properties on the open market. We have service level agreements in place with most of the major financial instutions who form part of our Client base.

Our long term Client base of the past 9 years include but are not limited to::

ABSA Trust Services -Bloemfontein ABSA Trust Services (Testamentary Trust) Cape Town. FNB Fiduciary Services Bloemfontein. FNB Fiduciary Services Port Elizabeth. Finlac Trust – Cape Town. Sanlam Trust - Cape Town (Valuations Free State, N/Cape, N/West) Nedgroup Trust - Bloemfontein. Nedgroup Trust - Cape Town. KPMG Chartered Accountants – Pretoria P T Roos & Kie Chartered Accountants- Bloemfontein. WC Chartered Accountants - Bloemfontein West and Gauteng Regions) Bezuidenhouts Attorneys - Bloemfontein. C Dippenaar Attorneys – Bloemfontein. Engelsman & Magabane Incorporated - Kimberley. Jacobs Attorneys – Bloemfontein. Rossouws Attorneys - Bloemfontein. Our Valuation and Auctioneering services are applicable to the following ;
• Deceased Estates
• Liquidations / Insolvent Estates;
• Agricultural / Farms
• Residential Properties;
• Commercial Properties;
• Trusts ;
• Litigation / Divorce Matters;
• Insurance / Replacement Value;
• Expropriations.


We exist to :
Profitably expand our core bussiness through strategically positioned alliances. Attract new clients by maintaining a track record of positive service delivery. Upgrade service through ongoing research and development and the continual implementation of new technologies. Manage all activities professionally and at the highest possible standard. Enhance the quality of life in those communities in which we operate. Play an active role in the personal growth of each employee so as to attract and retain only the best. Empower those who work for us with the knowledge and resources to act responsible in accordance with the shared values of all stakeholders. Foster close partnerships with all levels of Goverment and statutory bodies.


We aspire to enhance our position as a first Class player in the Valuation of Property, Auctioneering , Asset Protection and Asset Management Services. The vision was to establish an organization that has the capacity to service the needs of our clients at a local , provincial and national level. In our endavour to achieve this goal the ranks of Nivel Asset Solutions was joined by stratgetic persons. The brain trust of individuals, supported by highly professional, staff puts Nivel Asset Solutions on the fore of property Valuations, Auctioneering and other related asset protection and management services. Financial Instutions including Local Authorities have become part of the corporations client base since then. The Corporation started off as a small business and as a result of expansion and bussiness relations, it is well represented in the provinces of the Northern Cape, Free State, North West, Gauteng and Western Cape.


We stand by the principal of :
• Honesty, integrity, dignity and reliability in all our dealings.
• The sanctity of human rights, equility and non-discrimination.
• Respect for the cultural diversity of each community and province in which we operate and a safe and healthy working environment. We would like to offer our services in the above mentioned areas and ensure you of our best service at all times.


Annexure A : Company Registration Certificate
Annexure B : Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Verification Letter.
Annexure C : Fidelity Fund Certificate For Nivel Asset Solution For The Year 2016
Annexure D : Fidelity Fund Certificate For Nivel Asset Solution For The Year 2017
Annexure E : Fidelity Fund Certificate For Principal HTB Levin For The Year 2016
Annexure F : Fidelity Fund Certificate For Principal HTB Levin For The Year 2017
Annexure G : South African Institute Of Auctioneers Certificate Of Membership: HTB LEVIN
Annexure H : South African Institute Of Auctioneers Certificate Of Membership : NIVEL ASSETSOLUTIONS